What do I need to do to receive treatment at Aiséirí?

You can complete the online referral form or contact any of the four units by phone. Anyone can, in a private capacity, approach Aiséirí directly and request an assessment interview. This can usually be arranged within a few days and then a decision is reached either to come in for treatment or to be referred for help to another service.

What happens when a person is admitted to Aiséirí?

A person is asked to come for admission accompanied by a family member or close friend. This would have been agreed at assessment stage. In the case of adolescent one parent or guardian should attend on admission day. The person is then shown to their room, introduced to other residents and begins the early stages of treatment.

What addictions do you treat?

Our primary focus is treating individuals with alcohol, drug (illegal and prescription) and/or gambling addictions.

Can family visit?

Yes. Visiting time for families is 2pm – 4pm on Sundays. We welcome the involvement of family members in the programme on Wednesdays.

What about privacy/confidentiality?

We attach great importance to creating a safe and confidential environment at Aiséirí where people can address important life issues. We request the active cooperation of everyone in this regard.

What is the cost?

There is a standard cost for treatment click here for specific fee information (link to fee’s section). Our fees are covered by all private Health Insurance; VHI, Laya, GloHealth and Aviva. There are also grants available from the Department of Social Community and Family Affairs, HSE and Probation and Welfare Services . Manageable payment plans can also be arranged.

Will my health insurance cover the costs?

Aiséirí is recognised by all the main health insurers who will pay for treatment for their members. You should check your health insurance cover and plan with your insurer. We take clients covered by VHI, Laya, GloHealth and Aviva. We also accept clients that choose to pay privately.

What if I am a medical card holder?

We admit a limited number of medical card holders each year. Please contact us (link to contact section) for further information.

How do I know if I have an addiction problem?

Trying to determine if you or someone you care about has an addiction problem can often be hard to recognise and Aiséirí is here to help. Recognising an addiction really requires a personal assessment by a trained professional so please contact us now to arrange an appointment.
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What is the norm length of treatment at Aiséirí?

Adult treatment is normally 28 days residential followed by 2 years of Continuum of Care – our adolescent programme is 42 days with a 2 year aftercare programme.

Is there a waiting list?

Waiting list can vary depending of the availability of beds and the suitability of the client for treatment.

What happens at the end of my treatment?

Aiséirí thoroughly prepares patients before departure and a personalised aftercare plan is developed and we advise our patients on any professional follow-up that is needed. Included in the plan is our own aftercare groups which take place weekly for a minimum of two years.
We also provide a parent/concerned person aftercare programme each week to give both the patient and their loved ones the best supports possible to encourage recovery.Before departure, we provide patients with information about their local Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous groups. There is strong evidence that continued involvement in these groups improves your chances of continuing recovery.