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A Mother’s story

I can never truly express the appreciation and never ending gratitude that this house has offered my first born.
From this working home you have given care, understanding, education, guidance, discipline, love, effort and good will to my son.


I will be forever in your debt for the energies that have allowed my young lad to develop into a young man, an individual whom has through circumstances being allowed the ability to work through issues and the development of emotional communication, which caused him turmoil in his life.

You gave him tools and skills that as a mother I could never have been able to offer.

You have empowered him beyond belief with your hard earned knowledge through circumstances
of your own experiences.  

Thank You.


You have put in stone a foundation for Dylan to choose what he lays down on this solid structured foundation.  You have delivered every possible tool which will allow him to choose his journey the power to be positive the energy to be productive and the faith that trying his very best today just for today and challenging his mind and will power will be the foundation for a greater tomorrow. 

Dylan could have travelled the world but no geography could have changed his thinking or situation or thought, yet in the little town of Kilkenny ‘amazing minds, souls, spirits and bodies’ are breathing new life into the young vulnerable children of this and the next generation.

It’s been an amazing journey and I need to thank you all.

From Dylan’s Mother


Unfortunately addiction is an issue for many young people in Ireland today, and regrettably this number is on the increase.  However here in Aiséiri we offer one of the few residential treatment services for young people between the ages of 15 to 21 years of age suffering with addiction in our Kilkenny treatment centre, Aislinn.  This service also provides the only residential detox for youths in Ireland.  
For more information contact; 056 883 3777

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