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  • A Story from Killian +

    Looking back now, I realise that the last six years of my life has revolved around drinking and using. It did not start off bad, six cans once a week on a Saturday. The problem was I did not realise how much I was enjoying it. Anything I tried I loved it.

    I started smoking cigarettes when I was fourteen; trying to get that light headedness when inhaled quickly and repeatedly. Hash was soon introduced to me. I was in love, everything became easier. I started smoking before, during and after school. This saw me go through three mainstream schools. Not because I was caught smoking simply because I stopped doing work.

    All the teachers expectations left, my respect for them with it. I had bad resentments against them and felt I had to get at them at any given opportunity. This made my parents work phone numbers popular with

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  • John's Story +


    Hi I am John an alcoholic in recovery for the past 3 plus years

    Alcohol was part of my life for 35 years, during that period I worked, drank and raised a family in that order and I thought life was grand and that my drinking pattern was the norm and did not affect those around me in a negative way.

    When I took early retirement I tried to chance my lifestyle, sobriety was part of that change and for a while the future looked good but alas it did not last and I returned to the drink with gusto, it was during this period that I finally began to realise that my drinking was an issue not only for me but also those close to me.

    People talk about hitting rock bottom, for me I could see the bottom, in fact the bottom came up and hit me

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  • Anonymous Story +


    A Chara,

    My experience at the six day Residential Family Programme at Aiséirí in Cahir in August 2015 was positive, therapeutic, informative and life-changing for me.
    I was part of a group of six adults who are challenged by the devastating effects of addiction in family members and loved ones. The programme was very structured and was effectively facilitated by dedicated councillors who were extremely helpful and committed to helping us to increase our understanding of addiction.

    As each day unfolded I came to understand how to live my own life detached in a definite but caring way from addiction which has actually hampered my personal development from my childhood. Through embracing this family programme I learned about myself and came to understand and acknowledge how addiction adversely affects the entire family. I learned about how I was enabling addiction, how it was controlling my life and also how

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  • Gus’s Story +

    A friend suggested that we should run the Marathon raising much needed funds for Aiséirí. This had been a lifelong ambition and I had participated in small runs before but never any longer than 10 kilometres.

    I was full of enthusiasm and was anxious to get out on the road, maybe a little too eager. On the first day I planned to run ten miles and twenty miles by the end of the week! It wasn't long before I realised that my plan would not work, and it soon left me exhausted, I began to wonder: was this challenge too big?

    My daughter made out a programme of training for beginners, which she had sourced on the Internet. It involved timing and distance, building pace and strength slowly and steadily over the months. When I first read it I didn't think the programme suited me. I thought I was already

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