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A Chara,

My experience at the six day Residential Family Programme at Aiséirí in Cahir in August 2015 was positive, therapeutic, informative and life-changing for me.
I was part of a group of six adults who are challenged by the devastating effects of addiction in family members and loved ones. The programme was very structured and was effectively facilitated by dedicated councillors who were extremely helpful and committed to helping us to increase our understanding of addiction.

As each day unfolded I came to understand how to live my own life detached in a definite but caring way from addiction which has actually hampered my personal development from my childhood. Through embracing this family programme I learned about myself and came to understand and acknowledge how addiction adversely affects the entire family. I learned about how I was enabling addiction, how it was controlling my life and also how important it is to set boundaries for self-preservation around addiction.

Addiction is complex, whether it pertains to alcohol, drugs, gambling or a combination of all three. It ruins so many lives. For me learning about addiction has helped me and also my understanding of the addict. Through participating in this family programme I learned how uninformed I was about addiction. As a result of my decision to immerse myself in the six day programme my relationships with my family members who are both in active addiction and in recovery have improved. The programme has taught me better and more effective communication strategies with both addicts and recovering addicts.

I cannot find words to express my gratitude to those who designed this programme. It is so worthwhile that I can highly recommend it to anyone affected by addiction. I now have a programme for living for myself which had directed me towards further learning around addiction. I wish to highlight again that the complexity of addiction requires a lifelong commitment to learning about the disease. For me turning off my mobile phone for six days and committing to the family programme at Aiséirí was a ‘holiday with a difference’ which has equipped me with an understanding of how to live realistically around addiction.

The accommodation and the food at Aiséirí is excellent. The confidentiality around participation is paramount. I have made true friends through the programme. My life is enriched and I’m happier and healthier too. It could be just what you need to get your life back on track! Good luck.
Anonymous: By a most grateful participant October 2015.


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