Aiséirí Cahir was founded in 1983 by Sr. Eileen Fahey of the Sisters of Mercy. Following its success Aiséirí opened a second residential Centre at Roxborough, Wexford in 1987. Aislinn Adolescent Addiction Centre was opened in 1998 by Sr. Veronica Mangan another member of the Sisters of Mercy to cater for the younger age group 15-21 years.

Ceim Eile and extended care facility for people in recovery was opened in Waterford in 2003.
During the year 2012 the Trustees together with Board of Managements from Aiséirí Cahir, Wexford, Ceim Eile, and Aislinn put together a proposal to merge all four units in one. This merger came about in January 2013 which proved both challenging and exciting. Early 2013 saw the introduction of a new Board of Management and appointment of CEO for the organisation. This merger came about in January 2013 and indeed a year of change.

But Aiséirí is about change. Our name means resurrection or new beginnings. Our work is dedicated to bringing about change in people’s lives, in transforming their dependence on alcohol, drugs and gambling and helping them move away from the destructive impact it has had on their families and communities.

We embrace change. We live for change. And so, while 2013 proved to be challenging, it also proved to be exciting. We worked together to harness the knowledge and experience of our four individual centres so that the new merged Aiséirí could be stronger than the sum of its parts. Most importantly, we worked to re-shape the organisation so that it could best serve the needs of people who are confronting the greatest change, the greatest challenge of all – the challenge of addiction

We are one of Ireland’s longest established addiction treatment services. Our four centres of excellence combine experiences and expertise that provide us with a comprehensive understanding of the complexity of addiction. With a high success rate for lifetime recovery, Aiséirí has changed thousands of lives, not just those of addicts but those of the families and loved ones that also suffer because of addiction.

We are fully accredited by CHKS, the internationally recognized healthcare quality standards accrediting body. We are also recognized by all of the main health insurers. We work closely with the HSE, the Probation Board, Employer bodies, representative and other state organisations.