Our specialist and caring staff create an environment that is therapeutic in all aspects, where each person feels valued, safe and supported as they make their journey towards recovery and new life chances.

All staff at Aiseiri work towards fostering an atmosphere of respect, concern and care. They emphasise the importance of personal growth and spirituality in the shared search for a new life, free from active addiction.

The counselling staff are accredited members of mainstream bodies such as the Irish Association of Alcohol Addiction Counsellors (IAAAC) and Irish Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (IACP). They operate to the required standards of supervised practice and have a range of competencies in cognitive behavioural therapy and motivational interviewing. Professional development is an integral aspect of employment at Aiseiri and keeping abreast of research is a requirement to ensure the highest standard of care.

The staff, including administrative, clinical, kitchen, household and maintenance work as a team to ensure quality care of all clients in an environment that encourages a sense of safety and confidentiality. Along with the multi-disciplinary team there are a number of volunteers giving freely of their time to work with Aiseiri.

The management of staff is overseen by the Board of Directors who ensure good governance of all aspects of the Organisation. This has been recognised by the accrediting body CHKS who verify the standards within which we operate as a residential treatment centre.

Recovery is a path that some of our staff members have personally experienced. Their understanding and respect for each person’s pain and despair often comes from their own histories and subsequent recoveries. They are uniquely placed to help others also re-gain their lives.