Aiséirí means resurrection and with our help a new life can begin for those suffering from addiction.  Here is some of what our clients had to say;

Heroin was the only thing that killed the pain.  When my mother handed me over to Social Care, I felt totally rejected and was put into several secure units.  I’d run away when I could, live on the streets and use heroin.
Eventually I broke down and pleaded for help.  Aiséirí was there for me. For the first time I was in a safe place. I wasn’t locked up.  People treated me with respect.
Aiséirí helped my mother and I develop our friendship.  She completed the residential programme and I’m returning to school. I’m determined.  I’m intelligent.  And I look forward to reaching my potential

~ Beth

It was while at a visit to my local G.P. that he recommended I should go to a treatment centre. I reluctantly agreed and it was the best decision of my life.
I learned to be honest with me and take a good look at myself. The month in treatment was hard, but the journey through recovery was great. I have met some great people and made many friends in AA. My life has its ups and downs but it is a hell of a lot better than that lonely depressing life I had. So thanks to God, AA, Aiséirí, my Continuum of Care group, my family and friends, I am happy and contented today and am able to enjoy my lovely family’.


….having completed my treatment programme again in Aiséirí, having been there fifteen years previously, I am at peace today. I am reaching out with both hands and grabbing at any help that I can avail of. I get three to four AA meetings a week plus my Continuum of Care . I am keeping things as simple as possible. I know now and accept that this was meant to happen and I cannot undo the past. I have so much gratitude in me for today. I know that if I follow the AA 12 Step Programme to the best of my ability, I am guaranteed that sobriety, and sanity, security and peace of mind are within my reach.


Thank you to everyone who has helped me along the way. For everyone struggling with relapse – Keep Coming Back