Continuum of Care

Our greatest sphere of influence is not just the first weeks of residency or treatment, but in the weeks, months and years after a person has left our premises.  We believe that our most important task is to provide a lifetime of care, a lifetime of change, a lifetime of potential.

Aiséirí provides a two year Continuum of Care programme for residents and family members.  Our Continuum of Care programme is delivered on a nationwide basis to facilitate as close as possible access to the service. Our qualified and professionally recognised facilitators lead the weekly structured support groups.  Research evidence indicates that ongoing support is a vital component in preventing relapse.

In the early days of recovery from addictions many people struggle to make the adjustment to a new way of life and fall back on old habits of coping with life. If a person does not actively take care of their sobriety, in the normal ups and downs of life, he/she can easily relapse into using drugs or alcohol.

Aiséirí Continuum of Care provides a weekly group supportive environment, where help is available on the road of recovery. Over the course of two years people are given the opportunity to develop the skills and real confidence to deal with life challenges. Peer support and sharing is an integral part of the recovery process.

Our Continuum of Care Locations