At the heart of Aiséirí are the lives and futures of people, young people, women, men, fathers, brothers, sisters, uncles, nieces, nephews and friends. Ordinary people, people that you and I know, people who want to work, want to go to school, want to hope, want to care for their families and be cared for.

The one thing that distinguishes them is that they are living with the despair and unhappiness of addiction. Aiséiri is a place where there is a wealth of understanding, care and experience, right here in the community, that can help them take the first vital step to recovery from their addiction.

Aiséirí means resurrection and our four centres are places of new beginnings. Through our evidence-based and internationally recognised residential and community programmes, people dealing with alcohol, drug and gambling addiction find help, counselling and the specialist support that they need to face the realities of their lives.

Our specialist and caring staff create an environment that is therapeutic in all aspects, where each person feels valued, safe and supported as they make their journey towards recovery and new life changes.

Book Launch

A new book about an organisation dedicated to the treatment of addiction has just become available. It is a memoir written by a Tipperary born Sister of Mercy who, in 1983, founded the charitable organisation known as Aiséirí.

Sr Eileen’s memoir traces her life from her earliest days growing up in Bansha to her schooldays in Cahir and onward to her preparation for religious life and her vocational training as a nurse and a counsellor. But the treatment of those suffering from addiction was to become her greatest passion. She first became aware of this potentially life-destroying disease when she worked as a psychiatric nurse in St. Michael’s hospital in Clonmel. Unhappy with the accepted treatment of the day she set about forging a new way to treat not just the individual people in addiction but also their families.

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