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Welcome to

Aiséirí Addiction Treatment Services.

Welcome to Aiséirí, a place of hope for many individuals and families.

Here, at Aiséirí provides addiction treatment for adults and young people who are struggling with alcohol, drug and gambling addiction. We provide a caring environment and a road to recovery.

In our holisitc approach, we include support to the family members who want so much to help their loved ones, struggling with addiction, but are often left in despair not knowing what to do. We will guide you.
Family members have their own recovery journey, and we advocate for and support 'whole family recovery'.

We understand that taking the first step towards recovery can be daunting. That's why we offer a warm, professional, and understanding environment to support young people, adults, and their loved ones on their journey to healing.

With over 40 years of experience, we've stood alongside thousands of individuals from all corners of Ireland, guided by our core values of respect, compassion, excellence, recovery, and hope.

Using the 12-step treatment approach, we not only help people become alcohol, drug and gamble free, but empower them to cultivate the skills and support networks necessary for a life of fulfillment and meaning in recovery.

From detox and admission to ongoing community support, our dedicated team is here to walk alongside you every step of the way.

Welcome to Aiséirí, where your journey to recovery begins.

Our happiness is not a present someone else holds in his or her hands. Our well being is not held by another to be given or withheld at whim. 34 1


Aiséirí believes in the priceless potential of people and that recovery from addiction is possible for everyone.

Core Purpose

Aiséirí provides community and residential treatment services to help adults, young people and families to overcome addiction and live meaningful lives in recovery.

Model of Treatment

We use the 12 step absitnence based model of treatment.

Our programme is holisitic and creative, incorporating various therapies, involving families, and offering support after residential treatment.

What do we Treat?


Treatment for Adults

Residential Detox is based in Aiséirí Cahir. Aiséirís Primary Treatment Centres are based in Wexford and Cahir, Co. Tipperary. Waterford is the home to the Secondary Treatment Programme and a range of community based supports. The Recovery Support Programme is based online and in local communities across Ireland.

Treatment for young People

Residential Detox & Primary Treatment based in Aiséirí Aislinn, Co. Kilkenny. Following this, the Recovery Support Programme is based online and in local communities across Ireland.

Support For Families

Family Day in Aiséirí is every Wednesday throughout primary treatment. The Recovery Support Programme is based online and in local communities accross Ireland. Family Therapy is available based on need.
Years of Addiction Treatment
Clients in Treatment in 2023
Our staff - Meet some of the team.

Our team are compassionate & highly skilled. You will be greeted with dignity, understanding and respect when you arrive in Aiséirí.

Our Locations - Where are our centres?

Our Centres are based in Wexford, cahir in Co. Tipperary, Ballyragget in Co. kilkenny and waterford City. People from all over ireland use our services. Our primary treatment centres are based in beautiful, serene settings - ideal for healing and recovery.

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