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The power of Volunteering.

We're big believers in the power of volunteering to make a positive impact. At Aiséirí, we welcome individuals and businesses who want to join us in supporting those overcoming addiction.

Whether you're skilled in photography, enjoy leading workshops, or are passionate about helping others, some people like to offer once off support and some like to be continously part of the team.

Your personal experience, whether with addiction or as a family member affected by it, your interest or knowledge can be incredibly valuable in help us deliver our mission.

If you believe in the power of recovery and align with our values, then you might be just the right fit to become a volunteer.

Contact us on 052 7441166 or info@aiseiri.ie to find out more.

Volunteer Facilitators for the Recovery Support Programme.

All accross Ireland , Recovery Support Groups are run by our incredible team of volunteers. Providing support to peers and sharing their belief in recovery, the volunteers in the Recovery Support Programme are an integral part of the team and carry the messege of recovery to those who are early in their journey.

If you are interested in further information please contact: Helen O’Brien on (052) 7441166 or hobrien@aiseiri.ie
Helen O' Brien, Recovery Support & Volunteer Manager.

Volunteer Facilitator Experiences.

Being a facilitator is an amazing experience.  Not always the easiest thing to do but hugely rewarding watching people rebuild their lives and grow into the wonderful person that was overshadowed by addiction.
My work as a Facilitator with Aiséirí has opened up a range of learning opportunities for me. It allows me to develop my skills as a counsellor and provide me with opportunities to build warm therapeutic relationships in a safe and supportive environment. I look forward to my weekly group meetings and feel privileged to be part of the Recovery Support Team helping group members in their recovery.
It’s an absolute privilege to be part of a client’s journey of recovery, to experience first-hand their concerns, to see how they cope, change and grow, while embracing the 12-step program. It is hugely rewarding to me and gives me gratitude for where I am and help that I received in my Recovery Support Group.
I am a recently newly trained facilitator with Aiséirí and already I am amazed by how being part of this organisation has affected my life and me as a person in such a positive way. I am honoured to be part of the Recovery Support and will always be so grateful to Aiséirí for given me this opportunity.
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