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Support for

Families/ concerned Persons

Whole Family Recovery
WHole family recovery

Support for families/ Concerned Person

Addiction affects not just the individual, but also their family members and loved ones.
Families, in their own right have their own recovery journey - regardless of the status of their loved ones recovery.

In Aiséirí, we advocate for whole family recovery and provide a Family Support Programme designed to cater to the unique needs of families.

A Family Disease

Sam's mother was blindsided by his addiction, feeling a profound sense of failure in recognising and addressing her son's needs. Sam was very low, at times 'he got clean but could never stay clean.'

"We never really knew the depths of his addiction until things became really bad'" explains Sams parents. Things got really bad, we barely recognised him, this went on for a long time until one night Sam admitted he wanted to take his own life. His mam rang countless services - eventually at Aiséirí she was met with someone who showed empathy and who understood.

Relieved that Sam was not required to be drug free on arrival, he was given a space in the detox programme.
The day Sam went into detox and primary treatment in Cahir, his mam said she felt a mix of emotions. 'I felt like I was letting him down by leaving him there, but it was the best thing I ever did for him and for us as a family.

I didn’t want him to think I was leaving him and I was his crutch all along and I suppose his mental health support as well. He talked to me'.

With all the focus on Sam for such a long time, it was only once he as in treatment that we realised the rest of the family needed support too. 'You think paying debts and doing different things is helping, but you soon learn where you are going wrong', 'When Sam went into treatment, our focus could turn to our daughter a bit more. She had anxiety but we never once realised it was because of what was going on. It was great for her to access support too. The other two siblings had left home but the eldest was affected by seeing the impact of seeing his brother’s addiction on his parents, and the next eldest was particularly close to Sam, he went through a lot seeing how bad his brother was and would try to intervene.

Every member of the family availed of support from Aiséirí at some stage. After intensive treatment in Cahir, Sam moved on to secondary treatment Ceim Eile in Waterford. Once time Sam was home, he said he had spoken to his support worker because he felt smothered by his family when he went home, it was hard to trust him again. His support worker explained that his family had not had the chance to do the work he has done; so did not realise how far he had come. ‘I think that was a wakeup call for us. So while he worked on himself, we worked on ourselves as a family, and I suppose we tried to learn how to trust again’.

We wanted to start to enjoy life again, so that when he did come him and we had time with him, we made the most of it. Aiséirí helped him save himself – and they saved us as a family as well. They helped us recover while he was recovering.
After six months in Céim Eile, Sam moved on to a sober house in Waterford city and with support in the community. He resumed the apprenticeship that he had stopped in his third year. The 26¬year¬old will be three years in recovery in July. He has qualified as an electrician and has his own flat in Waterford, he has his own community now. Even though Sam has finished with Aiséirí services, he can ring up or drop in to Céim Eile any time for a chat and a cup of tea.’He is part of the community now’ As far as his mam is concerned, Aiséirí “saved our son – or they helped him save himself – and they saved us as a family as well. They helped us recover while he was recovering."

WHole family recovery

Family Day

Family days is every Wednesday during residential treatment.

The chaos of addiction brings heart-breaking consequences to everyone connected within the family unit (and beyond). Addiction is a whole family disease. We involve family members in Family Processing Days every Wednesday, whilst their loved one is in residential treatment in Aiséirí. This provides a platform to help educate family members about the illness of addiction and how it applies to them, and also commence the recovery process for themselves.
WHole family recovery

Recovery Support Programme

Aiséirí recognises the fact that recovery from addiction is possible for all family members.  As part of our ‘Recovery Support Programme’, we provide a weekly Concerned Persons Group for family members to offer a space for healing and recovery. This programme operates from the mantra that ‘each family member has the capacity to recover regardless of the recovery status of the addict’.

  • Recovery is a Family Affair.
  • Family Relapse
  • A Programme of Recovery - The 12 Steps.
  • Detachment
  • Boundaries.
WHole family recovery

Family Therapy

Families can avail of family therapy on a needs basis. Our family therapist supports family members regardless of the status of their loved ones addiction
Joanna Okulska - Family Therapist.

Family Involvement In the 12 Step Programme

Family involvement plays a strong role in the 12 step programme.

Support System: Family members can provide a strong support system for individuals going through the recovery process, offering encouragement, understanding, and accountability.

Understanding and Education: Involving family members can help them better understand addiction, recovery, and the challenges their loved one may face. This understanding can lead to more effective communication and support.

Healing Relationships: The 12 steps often involve making amends and repairing relationships harmed by addiction. Family involvement can facilitate this process, fostering healing and rebuilding trust.

Identifying Triggers and Patterns: Family members may be able to provide valuable insights into the individual's triggers, behaviors, and patterns of substance use, helping them identify and address potential relapse triggers.

Holistic Recovery: Recovery is not just an individual journey; it involves the entire family unit. By involving family members, individuals can work towards holistic healing, addressing underlying family dynamics and issues that may contribute to stressful situations.
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Staff Member: Robin Hawthorne

Talks about the impact of addiction on the family member and how Aiséirí can support families.
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