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Aiseiri Aislinn

Treatment for young people aged 15 - 21 years

We have a dedicated Centre for young people in Co. Kilkenny.

Dedicated centre for Young People

Going into treatment is a tough time in a persons life. Our Centre for young people aged 15 - 21 years is based in Kilkenny and is called Aiséirí Aislinn. In Aislinn, you will meet lots of others your own age who understand you and are in a similar situation.
The staff are very experienced in working with young people and will be ready to support you.
Our programme involves group therapy and counselling. We know that young people have lots of different interests and we encourage this. We have health and fitness classes, horticulture, art and life skills programmes.

What services are available for Young People

  • Residential (onsite) Detox
  • Residential Primary Treatment (42 days)
  • Support in your community/ online after treatment in the Recovery Support Programme. (2 years)
  • Family Days and Family Support
  • There may be the option for over 18s to be referred to Secondary Treatment in Waterford.
Gareth Duffy, Operations Manager, Aislinn

What is the treatment centre like?

The house itself is large, with bedrooms upstairs. Downstairs has the staff offices, coffee room, group therapy and 1-1 rooms. On the lower floor we have the dining room and an art room. We have a sports hall and a Life Skills building. There is lots of space outside for walks, sports, a horticulture area and space for peace and healing.
You can have a look at the pictures and videos at the bottom of this page to get a better sense of it.
There is a daily timetable, so you will know what you have on, for example, group therapy or a lecture or art. The staff team include nurses, counsellors, admin, support and night staff, visiting tutors for programmes such as health and fitness. Occasionaly we do programmes such as equine therapy or Sailing into Wellness.

In detox, you will be supported by the nursing team. After detox, you will be assigned your key counsellor. Family Day is every Wednesday and you can have visitors (family) on Sundays.

Going to treatment is not easy, we have supported lots of young people in Aislinn and we really believe in the potential of young people to recover from addiction and lead a happy and healthy life.

It's common to have lots of questions you can find out more here.
Aiséirí Aislinn, Ballyragget, Co. Tipperary.
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