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Ceim Eile

Secondary Treatment

Welcome to Ceim Eile

Secondary Treatment

Céim Eile is a 6-month residential programme that follows the completion of primary treatment – it is for those who need additional treatment and support due to the consequences and impact of their addiction. The need for secondary treatment is identified with your key counsellor in primary treatment. If this is recommended, your key counsellor will put forward a referral for you and then an assessment date will be set.
Gender specific treatment
Culturally, In Ireland today, gender based pressures and assumptions are still very much alive. The impact of this has serious adverse effects and our Gender Specific Centres offer the opportunity to heal in a safe environment with others who truly understand.
Women are more likely to be lone parents, earn less money, are more likely to have experienced assault, trauma and abuse and are more likely to have body image disorders. Women tend to internalise shame and can appear to function in their addiction.
Men are more likely to die from overdose, be hospitalised, get into debt and become involved in criminal behaviour due to their addiction. Men are also more likely to use substances from a younger age.
Gender makes a difference to our experiences in life and it makes a difference to how we heal and recover. Safety, acceptance and understanding are critical to respond to these deeply rooted issues and this knowledge informs our gender based responses.
Treatment programmes and interventions
We are well known for our diverse and innovative treatment programme. As you work through the challenges of early recovery, you also experience the new opportunities that recovery offers. You might sample a new sport or creative activity, go sailing or start to explore work options.
Our programme is holistic, which means we consider each element of a persons life.
Collaborations & Interagency Approach
You will find the supports in our local community ready to include you. To build a recovery network requires engaging with and linking with a number of services. This might include local education and training centres, health care providers, MABS or Probation. We benefit from the support of all the local agencies and organisations and we work together to ensure you receive the support network you need.
recovery capital
Recovery capital means looking at all the different parts of a person's life that help them recover from addiction and maintain a healthy recovery. It's about understanding that people need different kinds of support to stay on track.
Through accessing personal, social, and community support, people can build the resources and confidence they need to live a meaningful life. In Waterford, building recovery capital is central to our programme. Through our diverse programme, networks and collaborations, we can provide a range of opportunities for clients.
How and Why do some people go to Secondary Treatment?
Some people need support for longer, recovery is a journey and a process. Some people cannot return to the family home or the community where they used to live. Family members and communities are in recovery as well as the individual in treatment. Some people need time to build the confidence and skills needed to function and to feel fulfilled that others may take for granted.
You can be referred to Secondary Treatment by your counsellor if you have first completed Primary Treatment. You will attend for an assessment and will be notified if you are being offered a place. You will be expected to be open, honest, ready and willing to engage and participate in the full programme.
Moving on from ceim eile
Before you leave Ceim Eile you will be referred to our 2-year weekly Recovery Support Programme. You be assessed based on need and suitability to our Sober Living Programme and you will be linked in with the Aiséirí Progression Programme for education and return to work guidance. You will leave with a care plan designed with you and for you and you will join a community of friends and peers on the same journey as you.
Stepping Stones

Sober Living Programme

Where appropriate, you may be recommended for a place in the 6-month Sober Living Programme after Ceim Eile.
Sober Living or Sober Housing, offers more than just a place to live – they provide a nurturing community where individuals can thrive and build a foundation for lifelong recovery, while still benefiting from the supports and structures of the Aiséirí Services.
Residents gain increasing independence while receiving guidance and assistance to prepare for life beyond the sober house.
Sober living offers many benefits, it is an ideal environment for residents to embark on their journey of healing.
Sober living enable individuals to focus on their physical, mental, and emotional well-being, laying the foundation for sustainable recovery.
Sober living encourages responsible living and the development of essential life skills. Residents learn to make healthy choices, manage finances, and engage in productive activities, all while fostering a sense of independence and accountability.
Sober houses create a sense of community and camaraderie among residents. These supportive relationships, built on shared experiences and a common commitment to recovery.

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