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Founded in 1983

From Humble beginnings

We Do Recovery

Sr Eileen Fahey

"Having worked for nearly 50 years in addiction treatment I have often been asked do I not get depressed working on the hoplessness of addiction? I find this such a difficult question, as I am so overwhlemed with the miracle of recovery".

Sr. Eileen Fahey published her memoir 'Responding Anew in Hope' in 2021 sharing her remarkable story for her vision for recovery, how she founded Aiséirí Cahir in 1983 and the community of people who supported her.
Aiséirí Cahir was founded in 1983 by Sr. Eileen Fahey of the Sisters of Mercy. As a nurse, Sr Eileen could see the lack of appropriate treatment for alcoholics who were repeatedly presenting in hospital. Sr. Eileens vision was to provide compassionate, understanding and safe environment. This would allow the person to reflect on his or her situation and thus begin the healing process. They would come to examine the physical, social and pychological factors that contributed to their dependency. During this time they would learn to understand how to cope and deal with these factors. They would continue their journey with an aftercare programme and the AA fellowships.
Following, research, training, fundraising, advocacy and lots of hard work and adventures, Sr Eileen opened the doors of Aiséirí Cahir in 1983.

Following its success Aiséirí opened a second residential Centre at Roxborough, Wexford in 1987. Aislinn Adolescent Addiction Centre was opened in 1998 by Sr. Veronica Mangan another member of the Sisters of Mercy to cater for the younger age group 15-21 years.

Ceim Eile and extended care facility for men in recovery was opened in Waterford in 2003. In 2014 the Aiséirí Progression Programme was established to support people to access meaningful work, education and training in early recovery. The first Sober House was opened in 2016. In 2018, Secondary Treatment for Women was established and gendered secondary treatment then became available.

In 2012, the Trustees together with Board of Managements from Aiséirí Cahir, Wexford, Ceim Eile, and Aislinn put together a proposal to merge all four units in one. This merger came about in January 2013 which proved both challenging and exciting. Early 2013 saw the introduction of a new Board of Management and appointment of CEO for the organisation. This merger came about in January 2013 and indeed a year of change.

AiséirI has always been innovative and embraced change. Our name means resurrection or new beginnings. Our work is dedicated to bringing about change in people’s lives, in transforming their dependence on alcohol, drugs and gambling and helping them move away from the destructive impact it has had on their families and communities.

We are one of Ireland’s longest established addiction treatment services. Our four centres of excellence combine experiences and expertise that provide us with a comprehensive understanding of the complexity of addiction and the miracle of recovery.

Mary Hennessy

Mary Hennessy, CEO acknowledged the For Aiséirí, the progressive nature of Aiséirí during the launch of the Srategic plan 2024 - 2028.

"At the heart of this plan are the lives and futures of real people – young people, women, men, fathers, brothers, sisters, uncles, nieces and nephews. Ordinary people – people that we know and love, people who want to work, want to go to school, want to hope, want to be cared for and want to provide care for their families.

Over the past 40 years we often have been working with what sometimes can be seen as the absence of firm direction in policy and approaches to addiction. In addition to this what might be called normal uncertainty, the past 3 years have presented many unforeseen challenges. However, as a team we have worked through the uncertainty and challenges and emerged the other side as a strengthened organisation with a vision and a plan to impact and enhance the recovery landscape in Ireland."
We believe in

The potential of Each Person to recover from addiction

And to live a meaningful and fulfilling life.
Aiséirí Cahir was opened in 1983 by Sr. Eileen Fahey.
Aiséirí Wexford was opened in 1987.

Aiséirí Aislinn was opened in 1998, with thanks to Sister Veronica Mangan. This is a dedicated Centre for young people aged 15 - 21 years.
In preparation for setting up Aislinn, Sr Veronica traveled to the Hazeldon Youth and Family Centre in Minnosota, USA.
"What an experience! It was amazing to see what was a dream for me operating in reality. I was told that I resembled a big sponge soaking up everything. The staff were amazing, helpful and encouraging. The young people that I met inspired me and seeing the devestation in their lives made me more determined than ever to set up a centre in Ireland."
Sr. Veronica Mangan, on her return from the States.

Back in Ireland, Sr Veronica secured the ideal setting for the adolescent centre, Aiséirí Aislinn is located in Ballyragget, Co. Kilkenny.

Aislinn view
Aiséirí Aislinn, Ballyragget, Co.Kilkenny
Ceim Eile Entrance scaled
Front of house scaled
Since Ceim Eile for men was established in 2003, the Waterford services have expanded to include secondary treatment for men and for women, sober living for men and for women. A community based education and training programme and the social enterprise.;
Celebrating 40 years

Aiséirí Today

In September 2023, Aiséirí launched an ambitious strategic plan as we celebrated 40 years treating addiction!

We took the opportunity to mark its significant milestone, with the launch of an ambitious Strategic Plan covering the period 2024-2028.

Aiséirí today consists of four unique centres of recovery.

Appropriately titled ‘One Step at a Time” the five-year strategic plan demonstrates the organisation’s commitment to delivering dynamic and progressive treatment services to those struggling with addiction and their families. Service delivery, advocacy, brand awareness, stakeholder relationships and funding are the top five priorities outlined in the client-focused plan.
Senator Garret Ahearn and Tom O' Dwyer, Cahirperson of Aiséirí.
Mattie Mc Grath, TD with Mary Hennessy, CEO & Tom O'Dwyer, Chairperson.
Sara Cassidy, Head of Clinical Services with Mary Hennessy, CEO & Gerry Carroll, Head of Recovery Support Services.
TOD Chair with Sr Eileen Foundress 1
Foundress Sr Eileen Fahey was honoured at the event. Pictured here with Tom O'Dwyer, Chairperson.
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Bobby Smyth.
Chairman of Aiséirí, Tom O’Dwyer, commented “This is a proud day for Aiseiri. We chose to celebrate four decades of excellence by looking ahead to the future of the organisation. This plan will build on that past and re-shaping futures. Re-shaping the future of Aiséirí as a strengthened treatment and rehabilitation service and centre of excellence, and critically, re-shaping the futures of the young people, adults, families and communities we will work with in the coming years. My fellow Directors and I are delighted to launch this plan today and share our core belief, that everyone can recover, everyone can have a fulfilled future.”

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