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For adults & Young People
Nurse led

Detox for adults & young People

The residential detoxification (or detox) service is unique to Aiséirí as we help people to detox regardless of substance and regardless of the medication. Some people present with prescribed medication particularly for their mental health that we won’t turn away.

In fact, many of the clients we treat are polysubstance addicted and we detox them concurrently in a safe and compassionate way. The goal, as with all our treatment services is abstinence-based recovery and free from addiction.

it's common to have lots of questions about detox.

We urge you to contact us if you have any questions about
Detox or any of our services.

“Clients present with not only addiction related needs but also complex medical needs such as insulin dependent diabetes, HIV and Hepatitis C just to name a few. As a team, we ensure that none of these aspects of a person’s life act as barrier to treatment. Our level 2 GP is experienced in prescribing anti-virals and is open to carrying on their treatment plan for HIV or Hepatitis C while they reside in Aiséirí. We also provide the clients with education around their medication, their insulin and inhaler administration technique as well as general health information on many topics such as Blood pressure, heart health and sexual health.

When someone is initially admitted to Aiséirí, generally their self-care has been so poor due to addiction. The care that anyone would generally give themselves has really been affected. People would generally be open enough to say they don’t feel worthy of caring for themselves; their rock bottom moment is really event at this stage. Being in detox is a really gruelling time and a vulnerable state.

As a nursing team, we treat each person with kindness and compassion and support them until they are feeling better, from preparing special meals, to offering encouragement and reassurance – This is what we do in Aiséirí.”

Noelle Ryan, Clinical Nurse Manager
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