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About us

Treatment for Adults

We do Recovery
DRUG, ALCOHOL & gambling treatment

Adult Treatment

  • Detox (residential/ on site) in Cahir
  • 28 day Primary Treatment on site in Cahir and Wexford.
  • 6 month Secondary Treatment (residential) in Waterford.
  • 6 month Sober Living Programme in Waterford.
  • Up to 2 year Progression Programme in Waterford (Education, Training & Return to Work)
  • 2 year Recovery Support Programme in the Community.
  • Family Days and Family Support Programme.
We provide services throughout your treatment journey.

What Make Us Different From Others?

  • From the point of reaching out and starting treatment to returning to work/ family life or starting afresh - we provide supports and services along the whole journey.
  • Length and depth of experience - for over 40 years, our dedicated teams have compassionately and expertly provided support to thousands, many of our team have the lived experience of addiction recovery.
  • We treat the whole person - we consider every part of a person's life and provide support.
  • Residential treatment provides an opportunity to come away from your situation in addiction to really focus on getting well. The community element helps you to integrate and sustain your progress and learning as you return to your living environment.
  • Our programme is well informed and varied - from group therapy and counselling to art, yoga, issue based lectures and wellbeing activities - we provide balance and opportunities.
  • We use a variety of therapies and modalities including - CBT, DBT, EMDR, Motivational Interviewing, Group Therapy and Family Therapy.
  • We care deeply about every person who comes through our door, we believe in each persons potential to live a meaningful life in recovery.
Signs you need support with addiction

Do I need to go to treament ?

  • Your loved ones/ colleagues/ employer/ school are encouraging you to get support.
  • Your life is chaotic and unmanagable.
  • Your relationships are damaged.
  • You are in debt because of your alcohol or drg use/ gambling.
  • You are isolating, withdrawing, losing interest in hobbies etc.
  • You are going out/ drinking/ using/ gambling excessively, more than you want
  • You feel alone, desperate and overwhelmed.
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