Family Support Programme

Aiséirí centre-stages family and concerned persons in all of its programmes. We recognise the importance of helping families and loved ones understand the disease of addiction and how it affects important relationships.

Family Day Wednesday

Each Wednesday is a family day at our centres. This special day is an integral part of our programme to assist families while a person is in treatment. Everyone who is close to an addicted person is affected in a unique way; so too each person can play a key and different role in promoting recovery.

Residential Family Programme

We run residential programmes for family members or any person whose life is affected by the impact of addiction. This programme is run in Aiséirí Aislinn on a weekend basis. The programme encourages people to look at their current situation and to learn new coping skills. Above all, it is an opportunity for the participants to give themselves the gift of time for personal growth and spiritual renewal in a safe and supportive environment.

All of our residential centres provide an Continuum of Care service with a continuing care plan designed to help clients – and the families and loved ones – live free from addiction after they resume their lives in work, in training or education.

Trained facilitators, supervised on an ongoing basis by recognised clinical supervisors, lead the Continuum of Care groups. Peer support and family involvement is an integral part of the recovery process. New challenges and obstacles face the resident as they enter into a new world of recovery and attendance at Continuum of Care is vital to their ongoing journey – a fact borne out by our statistics.

Beth’s story, from Heroin to School

 “Heroin was the only thing that killed the pain.  When my mother handed me over to Social Care, I felt totally rejected and was put into several secure units.  I’d run away when I could, live on the streets and use heroin.

Eventually I broke down and pleaded for help.  Aiséirí was there for me.  For the first time I was in a safe place.  I wasn’t locked up.  People treated me with respect.

Aiséirí helped my mother and I develop our friendship.  She completed the residential programme and I’m returning to school.  I’m determined.  I’m intelligent.  And I look forward to reaching my potential.”