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Strategic Plan 2024-2028 – One Step at a Time

TOD Chair with Sr Eileen Foundress 1

Appropriately titled ‘One Step at a Time”, the five-year strategic plan demonstrates the
organisation’s commitment to delivering dynamic and progressive treatment services to
those struggling with addiction and their families. Service delivery, advocacy, brand
awareness, stakeholder relationships and funding are the top five priorities outlined in the
client-focused plan.

  1. Service Delivery
    We aim to provide services that meet evidence based, best practice standards in terms of quality
    and effectiveness, and to develop new services to meet identified needs utilizing partnerships with
    statutory and voluntary agencies where possible and practical.
  2. Advocacy
    We aim to advocate for all who are suffering as a result of addiction. This is a broad spectrum as
    addiction effects all areas of life and all communities
  3. Brand Awareness
    We aim to ensure that Aiseiri will become synonymous for recovery from addiction for everyone and
    will become a household name in regard to the provision of services that are delivered with
    compassion, empathy and hope.
  4. Stakeholder Relationships
    We aim to support people into lifelong recovery through the optimization of relationships with our
  5. Funding
    We aim to deliver our strategic priorities by optimizing funding opportunities, retention of highly
    skilled staff, adherence to principles of good governance and management and open, transparent
    communication with stakeholders



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