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Leave a Legacy

Once all other personal decisions have been made, consider leaving a legacy gift to a Aiséirí in your Will.
Everybody should have a Will. It sets out your wishes and decisions around the guardianship and care of loved ones in your absence, the distribution of your assets and precious personal items that mean a lot to you. A Will also helps to reduce inheritance tax & the impact residential care fees might have on your estate and ensures any debts are paid. It gives you peace of mind and provides clarity and certainty for those you love about your intentions.

The types of legacy you can leave

There are several different types of gifts that you can leave to Aiséirí. We recommend that you discuss this with your solicitor. Some of the most common ways:

  1. Pecuniary Legacy – A fixed sum of money

  2. Specific Legacy  – A specific item of value such as property, jewellery or a painting

  3. Residuary Legacy – The whole or a percentage of your estate after providing for your loved ones and covering administrative expenses. Legacies to charities are tax free so leaving a gift to Aiséirí can help reduce the tax payable on your estate

How can I leave a legacy to Aiséirí?

If you would like to include a gift in your Will to help us reach and support adolescents and adults overcome addiction, below are a number of ways you can.   As a Will is a legal document, it is always advisable to consult your solicitor. If you have already made a Will, it is easy to amend it to include a gift to Aiséirí. Minor changes do not require a new Will and should not incur a fee. Your solicitor can help you make any changes.

Suggested Wording for leaving a gift in your Will ‘I give to Aiséirí, Townspark, Cahir, Co. Tipperary, registered charity CHY 20096:

  1. The sum of € (amount in figures and in words) or

  2. (a specific item) or all my property known as (name of property) and situated at (location of property) or

  3. All (or a share of) the residue of my estate

“I direct that (i) my bequest be applied by Aiséirí for its charitable purposes and (ii) the receipt of any Trustee of Aiséirí for the time being shall be sufficient discharge to my Executors”

Your solicitor will check the final wording.

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